Roxil Wood Protection Liquid

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a colourless liquid water repellent for use on timber in either indoor or outdoor environments. Once applied by brush or spray, it will make the surface of the wood hydrophobic, protecting it from the undesirable effects of moisture ingress.

Roxil degrading-appearance

Protects Wood & Maintains Appearance

It can be difficult to keep timber in good condition, especially outdoors. Even regular weather conditions can see the wood degrading and becoming dirty in a relatively short space of time, due to the effects of moisture. Most protection treatments involve staining or completely covering the natural beauty of the wood.

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a colourless water-repellent specially optimised for protecting vulnerable absorbent wood such as softwood timber and weathered hardwoods. After application by brush or spray, wood protected with Roxil will show no colour or texture change but the surface will be water-repellent. This will protect the wood from moisture ingress, keeping the wood cleaner and reducing the rate of discolouration.

Helps Prevent Wood from Warping

When wood takes on moisture, it expands. Structures that are constructed using wood can be vulnerable to the forces created by this expansion, leading to warped or broken sections of wood. An unprotected timber structure will have a far shorter service life than a Roxil-protected one.

By applying Roxil Wood Protection Liquid to the wood used in a construction, moisture is prevented from being absorbed through its surface. This stops the expansion of the wood and results in a more stable and long lasting structure.

Helps Protect Against Mould & Algae Growth

Mould and algae growth occurs when a material is wet. The growth occurs on the surface and does not penetrate into the wood. Repeated instances of mould and algae growth, however, can lead to a discolouration of the wood that is difficult to get rid of. Excessive biological growth can also cause timbers to become slippery, which is a hazard on decking or steps.

By keeping the surface of the wood dry, Roxil Wood Protection Liquid can greatly reduce the amount of mould and algae growth. This keeps the wood looking good and greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required to keep it clean.

10+ Year Effective Lifetime

A single two-coat application will protect timber from the effects of moisture ingress for a minimum of 10 years. Many competing products only make claims of protection for 1 to 2 years.

For added protection from fungal attack and internal rot issues, Roxil Wood Protection Liquid can be used after wood has been treated with SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment. The high-strength SoluGuard formula penetrates deep into the wood and prepares the surface of the wood for Roxil Wood Protection Liquid application.



Step one: Remove the handle from the sprayer.

Step two: Fill the sprayer with 5 litres of the Roxil Liquid.

Step three: Attach the handle to the sprayer.


Step four: Pump the sprayer, then spray all affected areas.


Step five: Roxil Liquid can also be applied by brush.