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Safeguard Datasheet Library

Stormdry Datasheets

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Stormdry Repointing Additive No.1

Stormdry Repointing Additive No.2


Dryzone Damp Proofing Cream

Dryzone ACS Anti Mould Paint Additive

Dryzone Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint

Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster ​

Dryzone 100 Mould Killer

Dryshield Cream

Drygrip Adhesive

Renderguard Gold

Dryzone Anti-Mould Sealant

Dryzone Mould Removal & Prevention Kit

Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster Fast-Set Formula

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint

Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster


Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner

Roxil Wood Preserver (5 Litres)

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid

Roxil Patio Cream (3L & 5L)

Roxil Wood Protection Cream


Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM

Drybase Waterproof Plug

Drybase Elasticiser

Drybase Universal Mortar

Drybase Tanking Slurry

Drybase 10 m² Plaster Membrane Kit

Drybase Flex Adhesive

Drybase ECS CR Epoxy Coating

Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor Coatings


Oldroyd Brick Plugs

Oldroyd Aquadrains

Oldroyd Plaster Plugs

Oldroyd Overseal Tapes

Oldroyd XP Plaster Membranes

Oldroyd Gtx20 Geotextile Membrane​

Oldroyd Turf Roof Hook

Oldroyd Turf Roof Plugs

Oldroyd Sealing Rope

Oldroyd Fleece Overseal Tape

Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane Kit

Oldroyd Xs Slimline Membrane

Oldroyd Gtx10 Geotextile Membrane

Oldroyd Gtx Geotextile Membrane

Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece

Oldroyd Xv 20 GreenXtra

Oldroyd XV 20 Cavity Drainage Membrane

Oldroyd Xv Black Cavity Drainage Membrane

Oldroyd Xv Clear Cavity Drainage Membrane

Safeguard Europe Ltd

Dampcheck Plus

Universal Waterseal

Raincheck LS

Raincheck WaterSeal

Bondaid Plus

Sentry Sump Systems

BrickFix Masonry Crack Stitching Kit

BrickFix CE1 Grout

Protimeter Surveymaster BLD-5360

Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Meter


SoluGuard Woodworm Treatment

SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide

Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment


NOPE! CP Clothes Moth Spray

NOPE! CP Ant Killer Spray

NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets

NOPE! Ant Killer Bait Stations

NOPE! CP Flea Killer Spray

NOPE! CP Spider Killer Spray

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