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Wykamol Datasheet Library

Wykamol Group Ltd

SBR Latex

Wykamol Membrane Tape

Wykamol Corner Strip Tape

Wykamol Overseal Tape

Wykamol Fibre Tape

Wykamol Rope

Wykamol Rope

SwellSeal Waterbar

SwellSeal Waterbar

SwellMAX Waterstop PLUS

CEM 805 Active Swellable Mastic

LGM Liquid Gas Membrane

No More Damp

No More Damp Renovation Plaster

No More Damp High Impact Plaster Finish

No More Damp EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System

No More Damp Salt Neutraliser

Sureproof Waterproofing Membrane


Sureproof Waterproofing Membrane


ISO-THERM - Thin Internal Wall Insulation (TIWI)


CM8 Cavity Drain Membrane

CM8 Cavity Drain Mesh Membrane

CM8 Geotextile Membrane


CM20 Cavity Drain Membrane


CM3 Cavity Drain Mesh Membrane

CM3 Cavity Drain Mesh Membrane


CM Brick Plugs

CM Plaster Plugs


SumpFlo Twin

SumpFlo BBPS

SumpFlo BBPS Twin

SumpFlo Chamber

SumpFlo Access Cover

SumpFlo Pumps


Drainflo 150

Drainflo 200

Drainflo 360

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