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How To Apply Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods

Rising damp can be eliminated with Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods without the use of specialised tools. The easy-to-use fibre rods eliminate the issues associated with liquid-based DPC by delivering the precise dosage every time with minimal mess and maximum effectiveness.

  • BBA Approval for 20 years, it has been proven to be efficient against moisture.
  • The Most Effective Treatment for Rising Damp – Creams, gels, and liquids are outperformed by this product.
  • No special equipment is required for this quick and easy DIY installation.
  • It’s been proven to work on walls that are up to 95 percent soaked.

How To Apply Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods

Step 1: Mark your drill bit to the appropriate depth for the wall you wish to treat. A Dryzone 12 mm Drill Bit is recommended for enhanced debris removal.

Step 2: Set your SDS drill to rotary hammer mode and attach the suitably marked drill bit.

Step 3: Identify the lowest horizontal mortar course that is accessible and continuous. Drill holes to the full recommended depth, at regular 120 mm intervals along the wall. As the drill bit approaches the final 40 mm of the intended hole depth, make sure to reduce the pressure you are putting on the drill. Excessive drilling pressure on the rotary hammer setting can result in damage to the far side of the wall.

Step 4: If debris obstructs the insertion of the damp-proofing rods, the Dryrod Hole-Clearing Tool can be used to ensure the hole is completely clear.

Step 5: A standard Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rod is 180 mm in length, which is the exact length required to treat a standard 9″ wall. If the wall is thinner than 9″ then cut the rods down until they are 10 mm shorter than the length of the hole. If the wall is thicker than 9″, cut a second rod down until its length is 10 mm less than the excess left after inserting one whole rod.

Step 6: Fully insert the rods into each hole, ensuring that the rods are recessed approximately 5 mm from the brick face, taking care not to compress the rods against the back of the holes.

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