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How To Apply Dryzone Damp Proofing Cream

When groundwater rises through walls, floors, and masonry, rising damp occurs. Bricks and mortar can be exceedingly porous, with many fine capillaries that allow water to rise through them. This can leave interior walls with apparent moist patches, salt contamination, and cracking plaster.

A damp-proof course, often known as a DPC, is used in the construction of most modern homes. However, some houses were built without a DPC, or the original has failed, resulting in rising damp and the need for repair work.

The Dryzone System is a range of products developed to help you eliminate rising damp in these circumstances and renovate any affected interior walls. Each Dryzone System product is part of a system that allows the user to solve the problem of rising damp from beginning to end.

  • Stops rising damp
  • Spillage and mess virtually eliminated
  • Consistent application rate

How To Apply Dryzone Damp Proofing Cream?

Step 1: First create a series of horizontal drill holes along the mortar course. Typically these holes are 12 mm in diameter and drilled at 120 mm intervals – refer to the Dryzone Application Instructions for details for particular wall thicknesses.

Step 2: Insert a Dryzone cartridge into the applicator gun, ensuring the pressure piston is fully extended.

Step 3: Cut into the end of the cartridge so that cream will be able to flow freely. Screw the nozzle cap back onto the gun.

Step 5:Fully insert the nozzle into the first drilled hole, and then inject Dryzone cream while withdrawing the nozzle at a steady rate. Stop injecting just before removing the nozzle from the wall. Repeat for remaining holes.

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