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How To Apply Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Breathable, colourless water-repellents provide a solution in circumstances when the masonry’s visual appearance is important. They work by lining rather than blocking the pores in the stonework. This permits the wall to breathe freely while also allowing any moisture in the brick base to escape.

  • Stormdry is a BBA approved deeply penetrating water repellent cream for brick, stone, and concrete.
  • Stormdry is able to penetrate more deeply into masonry than standard liquid-applied brick sealer products.
  • 25 Year Waterproofing
  • Apply using brush, roller or sprayer
  • Clean no-drip cream application

Step 1: Carry out surface preparation as described in Preparation section. Remove any loose mortar, dust etc… using a masonry brush. When biological growth such as moss, algae or lichen needs to be removed, apply Stormdry 100 Masonry Biocide in accordance with instructions.

Step 2: Stormdry Cream can be applied by brush around details such as windows. Care should be taken to ensure that Stormdry Cream does not splash onto glass, paintwork, plants, etc. Any splashes should be cleaned away with warm soapy water.

Step 3: Larger areas can be covered more quickly using roller application. Stormdry Cream can also be applied by electric roller or airless spray – call Toner Dampproofing Supplies technical department for details.

Step 4: Check for any “missed” areas that have not been treated (e.g. voids in brickwork, deep mortar beds) and apply Stormdry Cream to these areas using a brush.

Step 5: Stormdry Cream appears white immediately after treatment – making it easy to tell which areas have been treated.

Step 6: 15 – 20 minutes after application, Stormdry Cream starts to penetrate into the masonry and the whiteness will fade.

Step 7: After 24 – 48 hours the wall will have returned to its original appearance.

Step 8: As Stormdry Cream is formulated to penetrate deeply into masonry it can take up to two months after application for a noticeable “beading effect” to appear when rainfall strikes the wall. The masonry will be resistant to light rain after two to four hours.

Step 9: A Stormdry Gauge can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment. The test should be carried out at least 28 days after applying Stormdry Cream which allows the water absorption of the wall before and after treatment to be compared.

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