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Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd Terms & Conditions

The website is operated by Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd. Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd, registered in Northern Ireland with the company number NI671601, has its registered office located at Unit 20a, Work West Enterprise Centre, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom, BT11 8BU. Our VAT registration number is 453963269.

The documents outlined in this section govern your interactions with Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd. We advise you to read them thoroughly. Your statutory rights remain unaffected by these terms.

These terms establish the framework for how we may conduct sales of products to you. We urge you to carefully review these terms.

1.0 – Definitions in These Terms

1.1 – In these Terms, the following definitions apply:

  • 1.1.1 – “You” or “your” refers to you, the customer placing and purchasing product orders;
  • 1.1.2 – “We”, “us”, or “our” refers to Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd, the entity from which you are purchasing Products. This is Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd, a limited company registered in Northern Ireland (company number NI671601), with a registered office at Unit 20a Work West Enterprise Centre, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom, BT11 8BU. Our VAT registration number is 453963269.
  • 1.1.3 – “Delivery Terms” means the terms governing our product delivery services, detailed in full in-store and on our website;
  • 1.1.4 – “Order” means a product order placed by you, whether in-store, through our website, by telephone, or by any other means we may allow;
  • 1.1.5 – “Our agreement” refers to the agreement as defined in clause 2.1;
  • 1.1.6 – “Privacy policy” means our privacy policy, available in full on our website;
  • 1.1.7 – “Product” or “products” refers to the goods and products we offer for sale;
  • 1.1.8 – “Terms” means these terms and conditions of sale;
  • 1.1.9 – “Website” refers to our website at (or such other URL as we may specify from time to time).

1.2 – If you place an order on behalf of a company, organisation, or other entity, then (i) “you” (as defined in clause 1.1.1) includes both you and that entity, and (ii) you confirm that you are authorised to bind the company, organisation, or entity to our agreement (including these terms), and you agree to these terms on behalf of both yourself and the entity.

1.3 – These terms outline the basis on which we sell products to you. We urge you to read these terms carefully. Subject to clause 3.5, by submitting an order for and/or purchasing any product, you signify your acceptance of these terms and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to order or purchase products from us.

1.4 – These terms are provided solely in English. We do not file copies of our agreement.

1.5 – If accessing these terms via our website, you should print or save a copy for future reference.

2.0 – Our Agreement

2.1 – Every order you place and each purchase of product(s) you make are governed by these terms, our delivery terms (where applicable), and any supplementary terms that apply to any quotation we may provide or to any promotional or special offers (collectively referred to as our agreement).

3.0 – The Order Process and Contract Formation Between Us

3.1 – For guidance on placing an order via our website, please refer to the help section. You have the opportunity to review and correct any mistakes in your order up until the moment you submit it by clicking the ‘confirm order and pay’ (or a similar) button on our website’s checkout page. It is important to carefully review your order at each step of the process. After clicking the ‘confirm order and pay’ (or a similar) button, you will need to make payment for the products ordered through the website.

3.2 – Your order constitutes an offer to purchase from us. When you place an order (or make an offer to purchase), you do so under the terms of our agreement, pending our acceptance of your order (or offer). If you order through our website (or as otherwise indicated), we will send an email acknowledging your order, including the order number and product details. This email is merely an acknowledgement, not an acceptance of your order.

3.3 – Unless we have informed you that we do not accept your order (or offer) or you have cancelled it according to our returns policy, we accept your order (or offer) as follows:

  • 3.3.1 – Subject to clauses 3.3.2 and 3.3.3, for website orders, we accept your order upon dispatch of the products or when you collect the products in-store, as applicable.
  • 3.3.2 – For orders placed through the website involving cut, made-to-measure, mixed, customised, or specification-based products, we accept your order seven days after the order date or when we begin processing these products, whichever is earlier.
  • 3.3.3 – For orders through the website involving rapidly deteriorating or perishable products, we accept your order seven days after the order date or when we start preparing the products for delivery or collection, whichever comes first.
  • 3.3.4 – For in-store orders, acceptance occurs when we provide a sales advice confirming the order’s processing.
  • 3.3.5 – For telephone orders, acceptance occurs when we confirm that the order has been placed and processed.

3.4 – We reserve the right to decline your order (or offer) for any reason, and we hold no liability to you or others in such cases. If we do not accept your order (in whole or part), we will refund any payments made for that order (or the unaccepted part of the order).

3.5 – Our agreement is established when we accept your order (or offer). Regarding website orders, if the products ordered fall into two or more categories as defined in clauses 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and 3.3.3, a separate agreement is formed for each product category upon our acceptance of the order for that category. The processing of your payment and acknowledgment of your order (via email, telephone, or other means) does not constitute legal acceptance of your order.

3.6 – Upon accepting your order, we are legally obligated to supply the products in accordance with our agreement.

4.0 – Buying from Us

4.1 – You must be at least 18 years old to purchase products from us via our website. Certain products, such as knives, require legal age verification, detailed in the relevant product description. By law, we cannot supply these products if you do not meet the age requirements. If you are underage, please refrain from ordering or purchasing these items. By ordering or purchasing products, you confirm that you meet the legal age requirements for those products. We reserve the right to refuse supply of any age-restricted products if we reasonably believe you are below the legal age for those products.

4.2 – For safety and legal reasons, we reserve the right to restrict sales of timber treatment and other professional products.

4.3 – We take reasonable measures to accurately display the colours, appearance, and other details of our products (and their packaging) in images on our website, catalogues, and other media. However, we cannot guarantee that these images perfectly reflect the actual colour, appearance, or details of the product (or its packaging). The actual products (and their packaging) may slightly vary from these images.

4.4 – Natural products may exhibit colour variations. To the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability for any such variations.

4.5 – Information regarding sizing, weights, capacities, specifications, dimensions, and measurements of products on our website, catalogues, and other media is for guidance only. If precise specifications are critical for your needs, we recommend contacting us before placing an order or purchasing a product.

4.6 – If your order includes custom-made products based on measurements you provide, please ensure these measurements are accurate. Your right of return, as detailed in clause 8, will not apply unless the products are faulty or incorrectly delivered.

4.7 – Where we agree to provide a custom-designed plan as part of or in connection with your order, you are responsible for verifying its accuracy and suitability, ensuring it meets your needs before ordering. Such plans are our property and may not be reproduced wholly or partially without our written consent. These plans may be used solely in relation to a quotation or order for products and/or services from us, or in the provision of products and/or services by us to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of the plan, and any related quotation, are complete, accurate, and meet your requirements before you commit to an order.

5.0 – Price, Delivery Charges, and Availability

5.1 – Unless indicated otherwise, product prices include applicable sales tax (VAT). VAT is charged at the current rate and will be itemised on your invoice. Minor rounding differences may occur in sales tax amounts. The exact sales tax will be specified on the sales tax invoice (if provided), which does not affect the total price inclusive of sales tax.

5.2 – Product prices do not include delivery charges unless explicitly stated. Delivery costs vary depending on the products ordered, delivery address, and chosen delivery method; see our delivery terms for details. On our website, delivery charges are automatically calculated in your shopping basket based on your selections and added to the order total.

5.3 – We reserve the right to change product prices at any time. Occasionally, pricing errors may occur among our many products. In such cases, we are not obliged to supply the products at the incorrect price or at all. We may cancel your order and refund the price paid or contact you to decide whether to proceed at the correct price. If we cannot contact you or you decide not to continue with the order, we will cancel it and refund any payment made.

5.4 – Promotional prices may apply to certain products, including exclusive web or in-store prices. These promotional prices are valid only during the promotion and subject to its terms. Website-only prices do not apply to in-store purchases and vice versa. To benefit from promotional prices, mention the relevant promotion code when ordering (if applicable). We may alter promotional terms at any time.

5.5 – Commodity goods prices are updated regularly. For the latest pricing, visit our website or inquire in-store.

5.6 – Any quotes given are subject to the specific terms and conditions of that quote.

5.7 – All products are subject to availability. If products are not in stock, we may suggest alternatives or cancel the order for those items and refund the amount paid.

5.8 – Orders may incur tax and customs charges based on your location. Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd is not responsible for these charges, which are your liability.

5.9 – Prices may differ between in-store and online purchases. The price charged will be the one stated at checkout.

5.10 – Estimated delivery dates are only estimates. We cannot be held responsible for courier-related issues.

6.0 – Payment

6.1 – The total cost of your order and/or purchases includes the price of the products and any applicable delivery charges.

6.2 – Payment must be received in advance before we can process your order and/or purchase, unless a different agreement has been established in writing beforehand.

6.3 – Payments can be made using major credit or debit cards, as well as other online payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, in accordance with the payment methods detailed on our website.

6.4 – If paying by credit/debit card, you must use a card that is yours or one that you are authorised to use. All credit/debit card users are subject to validation checks by third parties and authorisation by the card issuer. If your card issuer refuses to authorise payment, or if validation checks yield negative results, we will not accept your order. In such cases, we are not liable for any delay or non-delivery and are not obliged to inform you of the refusal reasons. Similarly, if using PayPal, and the issuer of the card or the payment provider linked to your PayPal account refuses to authorise payment, we reserve the right to reject your order. In these instances, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and are not obliged to inform you of the rejection reasons.

6.5 – We are not responsible for any charges imposed by the card issuer or bank as a result of processing your credit/debit card payment in accordance with your order.

6.6 – You are responsible for all orders placed by your authorised employees.

7.0 – Receiving Your Products

7.1 – Delivery terms for ordered products depend on the specific products, delivery address, and chosen delivery method. Unless agreed otherwise, we deliver only to areas specified in our delivery terms. Some products may be exclusively available in-store or may not be purchasable via our website depending on your location.

7.2 – A complete set of our delivery terms is available on the website.

7.3 – Subject to availability and our delivery terms, when we have agreed to deliver products, we will endeavour to do so on any agreed date, or within 30 days of your order date if no specific date is set. However, in circumstances beyond our reasonable control (such as adverse weather, traffic delays, road works, diversions, or mechanical breakdowns), delivery within these times may not be possible. We are not liable for delays or failures to deliver caused by such circumstances. If a delivery is not completed, we will arrange a new delivery date with you.

7.4 – It is important that you take all reasonable steps to facilitate delivery on the agreed date. If we cannot deliver the products due to your actions or inactions (e.g., you are not available at your property), we will need to set another delivery date and may charge an additional fee for this.

7.5 – For health and safety reasons, and to prevent property damage, some products can only be delivered to an exterior ground-floor location at the delivery address. If the products need to be moved from the delivery location, you must arrange this at your own risk. We do not offer unpacking, installation, fitting, or waste removal services, unless specifically agreed upon.

7.6 – Unless otherwise agreed, someone aged 18 or over must sign for the products upon delivery. Delivery is considered complete when we deliver the products to the address you provided in your order.

7.7 – If you do not receive your products on the specified delivery date plus 1 day, notify us immediately. We advise against scheduling or starting any installation work until after you have received and inspected your products for any defects or missing parts.

7.8 – Products remain our property until fully paid for or delivered to you (whichever is later), at which point you become the owner. Once the products are delivered to or collected by you, they are at your risk and responsibility. You are responsible for their safekeeping, and we are not liable for any damage or faults arising from incorrect storage.

8.0 – Cancellation and Returns

8.1 – Subject to clauses 8.2 to 8.5 (inclusive), our refunds policy applies to any purchases from us. Review the refunds policy [here]. For orders with multiple delivery shipments, the 14-day returns period starts from the order date.

8.2 – The following are exclusions to the refunds policy:

  • 8.2.1 – Products made to measure, mixed to your requirements, customised, or to your specifications are non-exchangeable and non-refundable unless faulty or incorrectly delivered.
  • 8.2.2 – Products liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, including perishable items, are non-exchangeable and non-refundable unless faulty or incorrectly delivered.
  • 8.2.3 – The returns policy does not apply to products unsuitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons once opened.
  • 8.2.4 – The policy does not apply to products inseparably mixed with other items post-delivery or collection (e.g., installed products).

8.3 – You must maintain possession and take reasonable care of the products you intend to return, ensuring they remain unused.

8.4 – We may deduct from refunds for products showing signs of unreasonable use beyond what’s necessary to establish their nature, characteristics, and functioning. We may withhold refunds until products are returned or proof of return is provided.

8.5 – Proof of identity may be required.

Right to Cancel – Consumer

Clauses 8.6 – 8.20 (inclusive) apply if you are a consumer. Consumers have additional cancellation rights under our agreement, as detailed in the refunds policy. For advice on cancellation rights, consumers in Ireland can contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission; in the UK, the local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

8.6 – Consumers have a legal right to cancel within 14 days of delivery without reason. This “Cooling-off Period” is detailed in the consumer contracts regulations of 2013 (UK and Ireland). Note that this right does not apply to bespoke products (as specified in clause 8.2).

8.7 – The Cooling-off Period expires 14 days after physical possession of the products by the consumer or a designated third party. It applies to all products or specific products in a multi-product order. For multiple or part-deliveries, it expires 14 days after possession of the final product, part, lot, or piece.

8.8 – To exercise cancellation rights, consumers may:

  • 8.8.1 – Contact us via phone, email, or postal mail, and arrange a return.
  • 8.8.2 – Return products to a Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd store in the same jurisdiction as the purchase location. Bring proof of purchase and payment card, if applicable.
  • 8.8.3 – Use any clear statement of cancellation.
  • A model cancellation form is available but not mandatory.

8.9 – To meet the cancellation deadline, communication before the Cooling-off Period expiry is sufficient.

8.10 – We will acknowledge cancellation notices by email.

8.11 – If products are in delivery when cancelling, receipt might be necessary. This does not affect cancellation rights under clauses 8.6 and 9.

8.12 – Reimbursements will be issued:

  • 8.12.1 – Within 14 days of product return or proof of return.
  • 8.12.2 – After receiving the products back or evidence of return.

8.13 – If no products were delivered, reimbursement occurs within 14 days of cancellation notice.

8.14 – Reimbursement may be reduced for diminished product value due to unnecessary handling by the consumer.

How to Return Products

8.15 – To refund under clause 8, return products as detailed in clause 8.8.2 within 14 days of cancellation unless otherwise agreed.

8.16 – The consumer covers return costs unless products are faulty, not as described, or purchased and delivered during a property visit. We offer a collection service for certain products (fees apply).

8.17 – Consumers must care for products until returned. We recommend tracked return services and retaining postage proof. Failure to return or damaged returns may affect the refund amount.

Refund Payments

8.18 – Following cancellation, we will refund the price paid, less any return or collection costs. For complete order cancellations, standard delivery charges are refunded. Partial order cancellations may involve recalculated delivery charges deducted from the refund.

8.19 – Refunds match the original payment method. If using a gift card, a credit note will be issued. Online payment services (e.g., PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay) will be refunded to the original account/method.


9.0 – Faulty Products

9.1 – Upon receiving the products, it’s crucial to verify they match your order. If there’s any discrepancy, or if the products are defective or damaged, notify us as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to inform us promptly may result in a reduction or rejection of your claim, as it impacts our opportunity to rectify the issue.

9.2 – Beyond the cancellation rights outlined in clause 8, if your order has issues or the products are faulty, we may address the problem by replacing missing items, delivering non-delivered items, or offering a repair, exchange, or refund, as appropriate, in line with your consumer rights. To initiate this process, please contact us by calling +44 28 9060 5058 (open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 3:30pm Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday), emailing us at, or writing to us at Unit 20a Work West Enterprise Centre, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom, BT11 8BU. Alternatively, you can return faulty products to a store.

10.0 – Liability

If You Are Acting as a Consumer:

10.1 – As a consumer (defined as anyone acting outside the scope of a business, trade, or profession), we accept no liability, to the extent permitted by law, for:

  • 10.1.1 – Losses not foreseeable at the time of our agreement (a loss is foreseeable if it was an obvious consequence of our breach or contemplated by both parties during the agreement formation).
  • 10.1.2 – Losses that occur when we are not at fault or in breach of our agreement.
  • 10.1.3 – Business losses, including lost profits, business, contracts, goodwill, business opportunity, and similar losses.

10.2 – If you are acting as a consumer, you may have legal rights for claims due to our negligence or failure to fulfil our obligations. This agreement does not limit your legal rights as a consumer. For more information on your legal rights, contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, your local Trading Standards Department, or Citizens Advice Bureau.

If You Are Acting as a Business Customer:

10.3 – As a business customer (acting within a business, trade, or profession), our liability to compensate you (in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty, or otherwise) is limited to refunds under our agreement or at our discretion.

10.4 – As a business customer, we accept no liability for:

  • 10.4.1 – Loss of profits, revenue, sales, income, or business.
  • 10.4.2 – Loss of savings.
  • 10.4.3 – Loss of use or production.
  • 10.4.4 – Loss of goodwill.
  • 10.4.5 – Business interruption.
  • 10.4.6 – Remedial costs if products are damaged or defective, subject to clause 9.
  • 10.4.7 – Damage to property or possessions through product use or misuse.
  • 10.4.8 – Loss due to delay or late performance.
  • 10.4.9 – Indirect or consequential losses.

10.5 – As a business customer, you acknowledge that our obligations to you are fully detailed in our agreement.

10.6 – As a business customer, except as stated in our agreement, all other implied terms, warranties, representations, and conditions are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

10.7 – Subject to clause 10.8, we are not responsible for the use or installation of any products by you or on your behalf. As a business customer, you agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us against any liability related to the installation or use of our products.

Liability Provisions Applicable to Both Consumers and Business Customers:

10.8 – Nothing in our agreement limits or excludes our liability for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, death, or personal injury caused by our negligence, or any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by law.

10.9 – Our website, catalogues, and other media may contain third-party information and materials. Subject to clause 10.8, we exclude liability for all losses arising from any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in such information and materials.

10.10 – In addition to the existing terms, we shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages arising from your use of the products or services provided. Our liability in all instances shall not exceed the purchase price of the product.

11.0 – Our Rights to Cancel

11.1 – We reserve the right to cancel our agreement with you by written notice if:

  • You breach our agreement.
  • You become unable to pay your debts as they become due.
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are initiated by or against you, or such proceedings are likely to be commenced.
  • An administrator, receiver, or administrative receiver is or is likely to be appointed over any part of your assets or business.

Upon cancellation, all amounts owed to us under the cancelled agreement become immediately due and payable. We will have no further obligation to supply products to you. However, if you have pre-paid for products before our cancellation, we may at our discretion either proceed with the supply of those products or cancel the supply and refund the amount paid for those products.

12.0 – Events Beyond Our Control

12.1 – We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the supply or delivery of products, nor for any damage or defect to products supplied or delivered under our agreement, when such issues arise due to events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This encompasses, but is not limited to, a wide range of scenarios including:

  • Natural events like extreme weather conditions, fires, explosions, floods, storms, earthquakes, and other significant natural disasters.
  • Technological or infrastructure disruptions such as failures of telecommunications networks, transport network breakdowns, and electricity outages.
  • Sociopolitical events including, but not limited to, acts of terrorism, war, civil commotion, riots, strikes, lockouts, and industrial disputes.
  • Governmental actions, including but not limited to, impositions of sanctions, embargoes, breaking of diplomatic relations, and other significant political changes or instabilities.
  • Public health emergencies like pandemics or epidemics which impact our ability to fulfil our obligations.
  • Any other events or circumstances that are genuinely beyond our reasonable control and unpredictably affect our capacity to meet our obligations under this agreement.

In such instances, we will make every reasonable effort to notify you of the nature and extent of such events and to minimise any impact on our services to you. However, under these extraordinary circumstances, we reserve the right to extend delivery times or to cancel the agreement without liability.

13.0 – Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

13.1 – For UK Purchases: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations aim to reduce waste from specific electrical and electronic equipment, ensuring it is segregated from household waste and disposed of environmentally responsibly. As a business customer, you agree to handle the collection, recovery, treatment, and disposal of non-household electrical or electronic equipment purchased from us. For household waste, please take it to your nearest Designated Collection Facility (DCF). Find your nearest DCF at

13.2 – For Purchases in the Republic of Ireland: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries should not be placed in your household wheelie bins. WEEE is accepted free of charge at electrical retail outlets on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis. Small waste batteries can be disposed of in designated containers at local stores. Local authority civic amenity facilities also accept WEEE and waste batteries free of charge. Recycling of WEEE and waste batteries is free.

14.0 – Your Information

14.1 – In our interactions with you, we collect and process personal information. This includes managing and processing your orders and providing the products. For more details on how we handle personal information, please refer to our privacy policy available on our website.

14.2 – Calls to our contact centre may be monitored and/or recorded for quality control and training purposes

14.3 – We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. Our processing of personal data is in compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection legislation. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we collect, use, and protect your data.

15.0 – Complaints

15.1 – In the event of a complaint, we are committed to keeping you updated throughout the process, either via telephone or email. We strive to resolve your complaint promptly and efficiently.

16.0 – Contacting Us and You

16.1 – If you have questions, complaints, or concerns regarding your order or these terms, you can reach us in the following ways:

  • 16.1.1 – By telephone at +44 28 9060 5058 (available 8:30am to 4:30pm weekdays, 8:30am to 3:30pm Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday).
  • 16.1.2 – By email at
  • 16.1.3 – By post at Unit 20a Work West Enterprise Centre, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom, BT11 8BU.

16.2 – Any formal legal notices should be sent to our postal address at Unit 20a Work West Enterprise Centre, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom, BT11 8BU, addressed to the attention of the Company Secretary of Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd.

16.3 – If we need to contact you or send written notices, we will do so via email, hand delivery, or pre-paid post to the address provided in your order or otherwise held by us.

17.0 – Governing Law and Venue for Disputes

17.1 – Subject to clause 17.2, both you and we agree that our agreement is governed by the law of Northern Ireland. Any disputes arising from or connected with our agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be handled exclusively by the courts of Northern Ireland.

17.2 – Notwithstanding clause 17.1, the following provisions apply depending on your residence as a consumer (as defined in clause 10.1):

  • 17.2.1 – If you reside in a part of the United Kingdom other than Northern Ireland, the law of that part and its courts will govern our agreement and disputes. We may bring a claim against you in Northern Irish courts if legally permissible.
  • 17.2.2 – If you reside in Ireland, Irish law and courts will govern. We may, where legal, bring claims in Northern Irish courts.
  • 17.2.3 – If you reside in Jersey, Jersey law and courts will govern. We may, where legal, bring claims in Northern Irish courts.
  • 17.2.4 – If you reside in Guernsey, Guernsey law and courts will govern. We may, where legal, bring claims in Northern Irish courts.

17.3 – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

  • If your complaint remains unresolved, you may wish to use ADR services. However, we recommend first contacting our Customer Service Team at for a resolution attempt.

17.4 – EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform:

  • For disputes related to online purchases, EU residents can submit complaints to the EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at In the UK, direct engagement with an ADR provider may be preferred.

18.0 – Other Important Terms

18.1 – If any part of our agreement (including provisions where we limit our liability to you) is deemed invalid or unenforceable, either wholly or partially, the validity of the remaining provisions or parts thereof will not be affected.

18.2 – No one other than you and us has any rights to enforce any terms of our agreement, whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999 in Northern Ireland or otherwise.

18.3 – Our failure to insist on your performance of obligations or to enforce our rights, or if we delay in doing so, does not mean we waive our rights against you. Waivers of your defaults are only valid if made in writing, and this does not imply an automatic waiver of any subsequent defaults by you.

18.4 – You cannot assign or transfer your rights or obligations under our agreement without our written consent.

18.5 – Always consult a qualified professional (e.g., electrician, plumber, or other specialists with qualifications like PCA, CSSW, CSRT) before working with water, electricity, or gas. Follow all relevant manuals and safety instructions.

18.6 – For properties where asbestos presence is a concern, seek advice from a licensed asbestos company.

18.7 – Regarding building work, we do not provide advice on planning permission or building regulations. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary planning permissions, local authority consents, and other relevant approvals. Allow us or our agent to inspect these before starting work.

18.8 – We reserve the right to update, vary, and amend these terms periodically without prior notice. The terms in force at the time of your order or purchase will apply (as detailed on our website or available in store). Check in store or on our website to ensure you understand the applicable terms.

18.9 – These terms were last updated on 19 December 2023.

18.10 – We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. All amendments to these terms will be posted on our website. Continued use of the our website will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new terms.

18.11 – We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer or entity that violates our terms and conditions, or for any other reason deemed necessary for the protection and integrity of our business operations.

18.12 – Both parties agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and codes relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

18.13 – If any part of these terms is found to be void or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the remainder of these terms, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

18.14 – Our failure to act with respect to a breach of these terms by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.

19.0 – Intellectual Property Rights

19.1 – All content on our website and any materials provided are the property of Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may not use, reproduce, or distribute this content without our prior written permission.

19.2 – You can find a list of our registered and active trademarks at

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