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Excess moisture can cause several issues in homes and commercial spaces, including unsightly and harmful mould growth. Whether you’re battling stubborn black mould, dealing with constant condensation on your windows or walls, or looking to prevent future moisture issues, we have the products to assist.

The Dryzone 100 Mould Killer effectively targets and eliminates mould, while the Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit provides a comprehensive solution to treat and prevent recurring mould problems. The Dryzone ACS Anti Mould Paint Additive can be mixed with your preferred paint to create a robust barrier against mould growth.

Moreover, we carry the MCS1 Mould Clear and Dryzone Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint, both of which help to sanitise surfaces and prevent the growth of mould. If you’re struggling with persistent condensation problems, the Dryzone Anti Condensation Paint and Thermaldry Anti-Condensation Coating can help reduce excess moisture accumulation.

Understanding that mould and condensation problems often require a comprehensive approach, we offer the Ultrotherm Internal Insulation Boards. These specialised boards help reduce heat loss, thereby minimising the risk of condensation, especially during colder months.

Additionally, we have the Ultrotherm Detail Adhesive and Ultrotherm Adhesive for secure and lasting installation of these insulation boards. To complete the installation, we supply Ultrotherm Angle Bead and Ultrotherm Insulated Trim Bead for perfect finishing.

Our extensive product line aims to offer complete solutions for damp proofing, waterproofing, timber treatments, and more. Browse our range to find the perfect solution for your condensation and mould problems. Trust our products to protect your property, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment.