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Introducing the Protimeter Brand

Introducing the Protimeter brand, we are delighted to welcome Protimeter to our range of top-quality surveying equipment products.

The Protimeter range of surveying equipment products is perfect for both construction and DIY industries. The Protimeter Mini is a small hand held “resistance type” moisture meter that is used for identifying damp problems in building materials. Its simple to use one button operation makes it ideal as an entry level, general purpose meter.

Another unique product of the Protimeter range is the Protimeter Surveymaster, it is an enhanced version of the Protimeter Mini. In addition to the pin- type “resistance” measurement provided by the Mini, the Surveymaster benefits from a non-destructive radio- frequency based “search mode”. This allows measurements to be taken without damaging décor and also allows measurements to be taken below the surface of the substrate. Because of its enhanced functionality and excellent build quality, the Protimeter Surveymaster is widely regarded as the industry standard moisture meter for surveying and investigating moisture in buildings.

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