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Introducing the Dryzone Brand

Introducing the Dryzone Brand, we are delighted to welcome Dryzone to our range of top-quality damp proofing products.

The Dryzone range of condensation & mould products, replastering & finishing products and sealant products is perfect for both construction and DIY industries. Dryzone Damp Proofing Cream eliminates rising damp in masonry walls. The patented and BBA approved cream is injected into drilled holes running along a horizontal mortar course. The high-performance active component will form a rising damp barrier. Once cured, Dryzone will form a physical damp proof course.

Another unique product of the Dryzone range is the Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster Fast-Set Formula it is a breathable pre-blended remodelling plaster with special additives that minimise moisture and salt migration while delivering a quick-setting surface. It was created with the goal of setting faster than competitive renovation plasters while maintaining superior salt resistance and breathability. This makes it suitable for smaller spaces, uneven walls, or work that must be completed quickly.

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